The Andrew Wade Award

The Andrew Wade Award is an award to represent the life of Andrew, who was tragically killed at the age of 26. Andrew is a Rino, and during his time with the club, he embodied sportsmanship, commitment and teamwork. The award ensures Andrew’s qualities continue to guide the club’s culture. It is awarded to one individual who has gone above and beyond to support his teammates and improve the experience of playing for the Rinos Soccer Club.

2023Rino’s Bulldogs O35Guy Packham
2022Rino’s FuryJamie O’Sullivan
2019Rino’s Bulldogs O35Brian Deo
2017Rino’s Vancouver SCPatrick Hayward
2016Rino’s FuryBrent Hanson
2014Rino’s FuryShawn Wilhelm
2013Rino’s Vancouver SCJohn Bligh
2012Rino’s Vancouver SCJonathan Cooper

The Andrew Wade Trophy