Player Recruitment

At Rino’s, player recruitment and retention is based on a combination of three core pillars: Technical ability, Performance, and Club Values.

Technical ability

The player possesses a superior ability on the ball. The player is confident in possession, with the ability to buy themselves space and time. The player has the ability to work the ball in tight areas and solve problems on the ball in the game as they arise.


Technical ability alone is not enough. The player must transmit his ability to the training ground and match-day. His performance will hinge on his dedication to improving and learning, his willingness to attend training and his professionalism to be on time and prepared for every team engagement. The performance of the player will be consistently assessed.

Club Values

Finally, the embodiment of the Rino’s core values is an intrinsic part of the mix. Players are expected to demonstrate these values both on and off the pitch. No player is bigger than the club and the team comes first for every player. Each player respects their teammates, coaches, managers, opposing players and match officials.

A player will only be selected and retained if he is committed to all three parts of the Rino’s player recruitment and retention philosophy.

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