Rino’s Club Mission & Principles

The Relentless Pursuit of Individual and Collective Excellence

The teams within the club are guided by five principles which support the club mission:

  1. The Team comes first.

    No player or member of staff is more important than the collective group. Each player has a responsibility to put the needs of the team ahead of their own.

  2. Take individual ownership of preparation, conduct, and performance.

    Each player has a responsibility to personally prepare and apply themselves to train and compete.

  3. Demand more of yourself and your teammates.

    In order to pursue individual and collective excellence, we must always seek to improve and push each other to the next level.

  4. Make the most of every opportunity to learn and develop.

    Every engagement with the club is an opportunity to learn and develop. We have an appreciation for this opportunity and open our minds to continuously learning from our teammates and coaches.

  5. Celebrate every success.

    We win together and we lose together. Each experience is a small step toward collective excellence and we must appreciate those steps as a group.

The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull together as a team.