Welcome to Rino’s Vancouver Soccer Club

Rino’s Vancouver Soccer Club was originally part of Westside FC, founded in 1978. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the club was extraordinarily successful and considered one of the best amateur teams in Canada. In 2010, Rino Orsato, Robert Freedman, and Derrick Freedman established Rinos as an independent soccer club.

Today, Rino’s Soccer Club is one of the largest senior amateur clubs in British Columbia with five different men’s teams competing in the Vancouver Metro Soccer League (VMSL), the highest level of amateur play in BC soccer. The club represents inclusivity and is home to players from all over the world.

The soccer teams compete all over the lower mainland in the following divisions:

  • Rino’s Fury competes in the Premier Division
  • Rino’s East Van competes in Division Three
  • Rino’s Bulldogs Over 35s compete in Division One
  • Rino’s Primo Over 45s compete in the Premier Division
  • Rino’s Bulldogs Over 45s compete in Division Two

The Relentless Pursuit of Individual and Collective Excellence.

The Sporting Director, Derrick Freedman, is committed to developing the Vancouver Soccer Community and encourages all people interested in soccer to reach out and connect with the football club via email or social channels. In fact, The Rino’s developed a player recruitment philosophy based on technical ability, performance, and values. The club’s head coach, Andrew Norton, invests a lot of his personal time in player development so you can expect to improve your game with The Rinos

If you are keen on joining any of the rosters, please use the contact details below: