Div 2 – Match 1 – 2013/14 – NK Hrvat

Rino’s Fury 1 – NK Hrvat -1

The much anticipated 2013/14 season kicked off Saturday with an afternoon fixture away to NK Hrvat at Memorial Turf. The newly demoted Div 1 side would prove to be a good first test for the Fury. With a tough pre-season camp and a few new international DP additions to the squad (Keith O’Carroll, Guy Packham and Diego Marchi), the team looked to improve on last years season and challenge for promotion once again . First teamer, Brent Hanson also joined the squad after long-term injury struggles held him out of action last season, no doubt bolstering the Fury back line this year. A couple of missing players this year were stand out winger, Francois Clark, defender Evan Jones and last years captain, Vincent Martin, definitely leaving a hole to fill for this years squad.

The game got underway with a strong start by the Fury, showing early signs of composure, hustle and a team-first mentality, putting NK Hrvat on the backheel. A few decent chances were created, but the Fury were unable to capitalize on them. Strong defensive play, left Hrvat with little, opportunity to create anything dangerous going forward. In the 30th minute, Fury midfielder Francarlos Leon was given a (questionable) straight red after a coming together in the Hrvat 6 yard box. A man down with an hour to go would be a tough test to start the season for any team, but this only seemed to spark the Fury into action. A physical game continued into half time with a 0-0 scoreline.

NK Hrvat came out strong in the 2nd half, starting to show signs of being a man up. 5 minutes in, a nice passing play by the opposition ended with a cross into the box that bounced around and was unable to be cleared, only to fall to a Hrvat midfielder at the top of the box who smashed it through several bodies and made it through goalkeeper Nathan Verbeeks legs, barely seeing it.

The game shifted a bit as Hrvat seemed content with holding onto the dangerous 1-0 lead. The Fury pressed for an equalizer but came up short on a few occasions. A scrappy game continued with a few more yellows being handed out. On a 70th minute corner, the big defensive pairing of Hanson and O’Carroll combined for the Fury’s first goal of the 21013/14 season. A beautifully whipped in corner by Wilhelm to the far post was headed back across goal by O’Carroll, where a waiting Hanson was there to pounce on it and blasted a well placed shot into the right side of the net. The Rino’s men continued to push for 3 points, seemingly unsatisfied with a tie, finding weaknesses in the Hrvat defense. Strong play by second half sub, Packham, earning his first cap, impressed with composure and provided several quality balls up to strikers and wingers creating chances to take the lead. In the 85th minute, 3

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points were surely locked up as a shot by striker Cougny was parried to Shih who missed from close range, unable to complete the comeback.

The fans were pleased as the final whistle blew. A quality performance by the Rino’s Fury to build on as the season progresses.

Man of the Match: Keith O’Carroll

Team: Verbeek, Atkinson (Packham), Hanson, O’Carroll, Hawkins, Cougny, Sanders (Arceneaux), Leon, Wilhelm (Sanders), Pace, Solven (Shih)

Goals: Brent Hanson

Assists: Keith O’Carroll


The next match against Caspian FC will be played Sunday September 15th @ 4pm, Point Grey Turf.

Div 1 Match 12 – NK Hrvat

Rino’s took on NK Hrvat this Sunday in the first game of the second half of the season. The final outcome was identical unfortunately with NK salvaging a point in the last few minutes, for a 1-1 tie.

Match Report

A nervous Rino’s side took to the field at Point Grey on Sunday, aware of the hole left behind by the absence of their captain, and mentor, John Bligh. A few anxious glances were exchanged in an uninspiring pre-game huddled and then the game was under way. NK came out very strong, buoyed by the General’s absence as much as Rino’s were distraught by it. But Rino’s somehow battled on bravely, with Marek or Jeff presumably having the game of his life as chance after chance mounted for NK. But completely against the run of play something amazing happened. Rino’s managed to pretend they hadn’t noticed I was gone and took the lead after a blistering run by someone, or perhaps a cross or some nice passing, which lead to someone scoring for us.

Rino’s couldn’t believe it, they had done the unthinkable, but alas, inevitably the lead could not last forever. Eventually something had to give, and with a few minutes remaining the keeper was finally beaten, presumably a gaping hole in the middle was exploited.

The draw will feel like a loss for the guys, but realistically it is a result they would have been happy to take at the start of the game.

Man of the Match: Marek or Jeff

Div 1 Match 1 – NK Hrvat

Hey there sports fans. The much anticipated kick off to the VMSL 2011/12 season finally took place last night, despite talks of a player lock out over wage demands.

It was a familiar team, with a few notable absentees and additions… So not as familiar as I would lead you to believe.


  • Rino’s said farewell to it’s captain, and father of the team, Jordan Haas. Jordan has hung up his tattered boots, but will no doubt be seen roaming the sidelines from time to time perving on the the U21’s that step up.
  • Andrew Wade was lulled away by the bright curries of India. He is thought to be bringing the ‘War on Terror’ to their doorstep, and has hit the ground running.
  • Charlie Carrick has taken a sabbatical from Rino’s and traveled to Toronto to recruit some actors for a feature length movie documenting his 18 goals in 18 games last season.
  • One blessing was the departure of Laurie Flynn, he won’t be missed.
  • I have no idea where Peter Bohdal went.
  • Rino’s also said farewell to it’s coach of 3 seasons, Ken Adloff. Rousing pre game talks and finishing 3rd in the league were trademark characteristics of his reign. Commitment to practices despite the trek from Surrey every week, and getting the team back on track were also trademarks, so thanks to Ken for all his effort over the last few years.


  • Cody Levy, although not a new player, has finally said ‘Fuck You’ to his native US and opted to winter in America’s Hat. A much needed boost to our US contingent since Andrew left.
  • James Duff has stepped in to replace Div 2 captain Vincent Martin as our ‘Plastic Paddy’. He has the unenviable task of filling Charlie’s boots, but based on last nights performance he should be up to the task, and may even get his own movie some day.
  • A raft of U21 players will be stepping up this season to help us out. Much needed support, and each one of them has the caliber needed
Step Ups:
  • Haydn Pritchard will be making the move from his successful tenure as U21 coach to a berth as the new Div 1 coach. The long time Derby fan has made a move reminiscent of Brian Clough’s switch from Derby to Leeds, hopefully with better results.
  • Steve Moloney, Jordie Atkinson, and Jonathan Cooper will be stepping up to the Div 1 team from last years CAT after strong winter and summer seasons. Best of luck lads.
Now, after that long winded intro, let’s get to the game.


NK Hrvat 1-1 Rinos Vancouver

What has 2 goals and ends up with shared spoils? A 1-1 draw. Joking aside, that’s what the result was last night.

This was a tale of missed opportunities and heartbreak, frustration and 2pts lost, but also one of hope, desire, and perhaps a brighter future for Rinos. Although only coming away with 1pt, Rinos also came away from Van Tech last night with a sense that, yes, this could be our year. Bonds are beginning to form, understandings and mutual respect growing, the pieces are all there, we just need to put them together, and when we gel fully, that puzzle, and our bonds, will be unbreakable.

Rinos came out of the blocks last night with a display that could be equated to

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a dirty diamond, a little lackluster. An innocuous looking play down the right led to the opening goal of the game. A floated cross to the heart of our box was met with a first time volley which shook the back of our net, but also the cobwebs from our rested boots. And Rino’s response was almost as instant as a nice cup of Nescafe.

From an NK venture into enemy territory the ball broke to Brent Hanson at centre back. A quick pass to Ally Gray in the middle of the park was complimented by another ball slipped out wide to Jordie Atkinson, who sublimely dazzled his marker and broke down the wing. Still with work to do, Atkinson, 34, picked out John Marsh at the back post, with the finest looking cross since Jesus died for our sins. Marsh, having run from well inside his own half reaped the reward of his extra effort when Atkinson’s cross swung directly into his path. A strong header left the NK keeper with no chance and the game was finely poised at 1-1… And Rinos were sparkling again.

Rinos went into the half time break with their tails up, and duly began the second half with the belief that the 3pts were theirs for the taking. Swift passing and moving had Rinos a cut above NK and numerous chances were created, but ultimately spurned by Rinos.

It was a whipped in corner that had the NK keeper sweating like a paedophile in a Barney costume. A glancing header by Brent Hanson beat the entire NK team, but unfortunately struck Jonathan Cooper on the line. Cooper then, with a carat dangling in front of him, had his subsequent shot blocked. The rebound was met with another header from Hanson that struck the bar, and we began to realise it may not be our day.

An equally frantic spell came after James Duff was mercilessly hacked down in the NK penalty area. Stepehen Moloney stepped up to bare the weight of responsibility that has so often affected our spot kick takers. It is this pressure that creates the diamonds of my running reference, but on this occasion it didn’t have the desired effect. A low shot to the right was gathered by the goalie… but distributed straight back to Rinos. Ally Gray leading the charge back across enemy lines, striking the cross bar from an acute angle seconds after the penalty miss.

More chances came, more saves were made, alas, no breakthrough. A solid performance though and one that bodes well for games to come, in what is probably the toughest Div 1 any of us have played in.

We were brilliant at times, lacked clarity at others, but our true colours will shine through as we prove we can cut it at any level, and eventually be as a paragon. Carat.